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Who is Mothers Earth? An intimate Q&A with Mothers Earth Founder, Tia Scott

Who is Mothers Earth? An intimate Q&A with Mothers Earth Founder, Tia Scott


Owner of Mothers Earth Tooth Dirt All Natural Oral Care Products

Black women are truly running the world! reported in 2022 that women broke 3 records! 

Harvard Business Review reported in May 2021 that 17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running their own business

The number of women running a Fortune 500 business is at 41%, the highest it’s been, to date. For the first time, 2 black women are running Fortune 500 companies.

With all the history being made, Tia Scott, owner of Mothers Earth is making moves in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana! Not only is Tia, not only inspiring so many in Naptown, she is changing lives one mouth at a time, worldwide.

Tia is the Oral Care Queen in the city. Her Founder story:

“Years ago, I discovered that I am allergic to conventional toothpaste. I was alarmed when I noticed a film like build-up inside my mouth each time I brushed my teeth using traditional toothpaste. This distasteful discovery immediately led me to become proactive in my own healing. And after long-term research, I concluded that the main ingredients in conventional toothpaste, such as fluoride, sulfates, and parabens, were actually causing me to have adverse reactions. So, I discontinued the use of regular toothpaste and replaced it with an “all natural” paste just to discover that it also had the same effect.
Through trial and error and lots of research on the oral biome, brain health, heart health, and the body’s natural detoxification process, I set out on a journey of creativity and determination to heal myself using only ingredients from the Earth herself. As a result, Down to Earth Tooth Dirt™ and our sister products/services were created.
Oral and body care has become my passion as well as my purpose. I am constantly educating myself on oral hygiene, Ayurvedic medicine, and other practices of our ancestors not only for myself, but as well as others. I am a firm believer in using nature to heal, as our ancestors did, which is why I took some of our Mothers finest creations and formulated my own masterpieces.“

The Interview:

Tia gave me, a member of her marketing team, the privilege of learning even more about her and her brand, Mothers Earth!

When did you know you’d fallen in love with Mothers Earth? How did you know? What was the transformation?

Probably not until I was in my third year. I started getting really passionate about it. I started to really look at it as a brand; instead of just a product.

Really? I’m curious. What do you think made it take 3 years? What was it before to you?

I don’t think that it had really clicked. I still don't think certain aspects of being a popular brand within my state, just a popular brand period. I don’t know. It just (finally) clicked for me that this is something that I could really take further. I could really take this further than just being local. Or just being this one set product. But I really had to focus! And at the time, I still didn’t have the focus. I would focus on certain things, because I would change certain aspects of things. But I guess I really didn’t have the ‘know how’. I didn’t know how to do a lot of things. I did a lot of things on my own. And not hustling. It really, you know, switched gears in my head that I could do more with this than surface level that I was thinking about it.

If you had to describe Mothers Earth & make it a person? Who IS Mothers Earth? How would you describe this person?

Well first, just to be honest, women are my top (customers). Women are the ones who currently buy the most. I think, typically, women can visualize better than a man.

To me, she’s health conscious. She’s a mother. You know. She’s very aware of the things that they have out here in these products and she wants to make sure she protects her family against these things. & she’s natural. She’s just a natural girl. Everything from her head to her toe. The things she puts on her body. The things that she puts INTO her body. Those types of things matter to her. But more importantly, it’s like she also wants to make sure that she’s spending money on these products that work well. That does exactly what they say they’re going to do. She’s very intentional. She’s very earth conscious. Like I said, That’s Mothers Earth. That’s the girl.

What do you want your customers to feel when they’re using your products, when they’re buying your products, and even afterwards?

Like they got their value, What they paid for has brought value to them. Not only financially, but their mouth feels amazing consistently. They have great results. Their breath is fresh. 'Cause, you know, that’s what people care about. LOL, They care about all those other things, but they want to make sure that their basic needs are met. And that it provides a great value.

How do you know (think) they’ll feel once it does what it does? Once they’re using Mothers Earth and it’s doing what it says it’ll do, how do you think or what do you want them to feel after that?

I want them to feel good about the product that they're using, and that they want to come back and use that same product. I want them to have, to feel, you know “i spent my money well in this area. in this business”!

(side note) if you haven’t already, you need to check out these reviews! When I say Mothers Earth has a whole stan clan . . . it’s real out here . . . here are just a few of the reviews that let you know there’s no doubting that the Mothers Earth entire oral care collection works!

Reviews about all natural oral care Mothers Earth Tooth Dirt Tooth Paste

How did you get ALLLLLL of Naptown to fall in love with you and your brand? 'cause we both know naptown is here for Mothers Earth. It will fight for Mothers Earth. & dang near disown everything else that does not align with Mothers Earth. So how do you think you got Naptown to, I feel like Naptown is Mothers Earth, if that makes sense. You Know. & I love it. That was one of the things I loved early on about your brand is that you literally made naptown love mothers earth. You made the city stand behind you. & that is something that is really hard for brands to do. So, tell me a little bit about that?

Uhmm, I think that just came from me just being myself and word of mouth. I’ve never really been salesy with my products or anything like that. I just provide the information. & from ppl just buying my product and saying “yo, it’s really better than what she says it is” I don’t hype myself up. I just give them what it is, straight forward. I typically just let my product speak for itself. Mainly, how I’ve gotten so big in Indianapolis is because of word of mouth.

(pause your girl was playing herself and I had to call her out on it) So, I think you're not giving yourself enough credit. Because you’re dope as hell, and Come on Tia, Your energy is like contagious and magnetic. & I think people can feel that. & when I was in there watching you make the product, I could feel your love and your energy when you were making the product. & I think that’s part of it as well. You can’t discount that. That’s important.

Yess, I do. I do. I do feel like that is a big part of it as well. Because, I am the product. So you know, a lot of times people buy from me because of me. & then they fall in love with the product. & then it’s like ‘well damn. you’re dope and your product is really dope too, so it’s like it’s a win win. & a lot of times, people want to buy products. They want to feel it. They want to feel a connection to who they’re getting their stuff from a lot of times. & if they can feel like they can have that personal experience, then that just heightens it. & I think that’s what I give, because I am the same person all the way around the board. & I show up for things and people are like, well damn, this is who she is. And they love me, so they love my products. & vice versa.

If I'm a new person and I just came into mothers earth, what’s one word you would use to describe it. Just one word. Or two. I’ll give you two. Sometimes it’s hard to use just one word.

Natural & clean.

What legacy are you wanting to leave with Mothers Earth?

I honestly don't think that I’ve ever really thought about it. Because, I know how purpose works. & my purpose isn’t necessarily the same purpose.  When you say legacy, do you mean my family, my lineage?

All of it, in the city, do you I mean, because some ppl are like “I want my child to take over”

Yeah, that’s not something, that part of the legacy , I don’t really push. I don’t push things onto my children. I know this is unique to me. So, they don’t feel the same about what I got going on or what I’m building as I do. Maybe one of them will, but at the moment the oldest 3 aren’t interested. At the moment.

Owner Tia S. with her Daughter and Mothers Earth™ Products

Maybe more of, say if I’m looking back & I’m like, “remember mothers earth, or yeah mothers earth has been around since. . .”

I mean yeah. I want to have a huge legacy like I think it’s very important especially as a black woman, a single black woman, with children, with FOUR children. A high school dropout, mind you. To have been able to create so amazing that even dentists, what are you using? What have you been using? What do you use? Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it? I think that’s really huge. I think it’s motivational for our city. For our girls. Especially because they can look and they can say I can create, I can take whatever it is that I'm going through in my life and create something, some type of solution that is not only for me but is for everybody. & I can create something so huge that it changes the world, basically.

Where do you see mothers earth in the next five years?

“Definitely in retail. For you to be able to go to your whole foods, your target and for you to be able to pick my products up.”

Would you ever sell mothers earth?

“I would!”

Really, I’m surprised! What’s the ticket? What makes you be like, I would sell that. Because some ppl are like “I'd never sell my business” I’m just being devil’s advocate.

I just believe that there are so many other things that I can do, and that I do, do. That I could make a lot more money than I can with Mothers Earth®. To me, personally. & if I had the finances to pour them into those things, then someone else can have Mothers Earth®. I think it would come with stipulations. Some type of contract.

Tell me more about your stipulations. What would you have to have?

I just want it to stay natural. I wouldn’t want them to put certain chemicals and different stuff like that in there. & Maybe I’d have a seat at the board. I’d still have a part of the company, but something would have to happen (where I still have control over the product makeup).

I just know that wealth is built when you build and sell these companies. But I still want to be able to use this product. & I don’t want them to compromise this product. And this is my legacy. I would, but I don’t think I'll ever have to. I think that I'll have the right partnerships. I won’t have to leave my business, but I won’t have to be a part of the day-to-day operations.

What’s your favorite Mothers Earth product?

The Mint Tooth Dirt

Mothers Earth Mint Tooth Dirt™

That’s the first right?


Is there anything else you would like them to know? If you had to sum it up, wrap it up, and be like “you need to know this.”

That our products are life changing. We’re not just . . . it’s not just about these products. It’s about the confidence these products give you. It is the security that they give you about your health, that you know for a fact that what you are putting into your mouth is not only good for you and your mouth but it’s good for your overall health. It’s not going to harm you. It’s okay to use and it’s one less thing that you have to worry about harming you.

It’s all about the education. It’s why I'm not salesy. This is why my products are better. Because they don’t contain all these things. A lot of people are allergic to toothpaste and they don’t even know it. Whole face broke out. It’s because the same exact thing that’s in toothpaste that makes it sud up is in your laundry detergent, it’s in your dish detergents, it’s in your body washes.

What are the pillars of Mothers Earth?

Education, security, health, confidence.

Looking To The Future

In conclusion, through Tia's unwavering commitment to providing a healthier and more sustainable alternative for oral hygiene, she has not only transformed her own life but she's also made a significant impact on the lives of countless others.

Her passion for natural ingredients, backed by extensive research and a deep understanding of oral health, has led to the creation of an all natural tooth powder (Tooth Dirt™) that not only cleans and protects teeth but also promotes overall well-being. Their dedication to sourcing organic and eco-friendly materials ensures that every jar and tube contributes to a greener future.

By sharing her personal journey and the challenges she faced in developing this remarkable product, Tia has inspired others to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their own industries. Tia's authenticity and transparency have earned the trust and loyalty of customers who seek a healthier and more sustainable approach to oral care.

In a world where mass-produced products often dominate the market, the Tia's commitment to quality and authenticity sets her brand, Mothers Earth™ apart. Mothers Earth™ brand represents a refreshing departure from conventional oral care, inviting us to reevaluate our choices and embrace a more natural and conscious way of living.

Mothers Earth™ Oral Care Product Line with owner Tia Scott

In the end, the Tia's dedication to crafting an all-natural oral care toothpaste brand serves as a testament to the power of a single individual's vision. Through their entrepreneurial spirit, they have not only built a successful business but have also contributed to the greater good by promoting oral health and environmental sustainability. Their story inspires us all to strive for excellence and create positive change in the world around us.

If you're not already brushing with Mothers Earth™ products, I'm not sure why not. It's the best clean you'll ever feel!

-Tiffany B.

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