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Down to Earth Total Carbon Whitener

Down to Earth Total Carbon Whitener

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Down to Earth Total Carbon Whitener

• 100% Vegan Friendly
• Premium Quality Ingredients
• Brighter & Whiter Smile, Naturally
• Deodorizes & Absorbs Toxins
• Removes & Prevents Staining
• No Harmful Chemicals
• Prevents & Treats Gingivitis
• 1-2 Month Supply, Depending on Frequency of Use

Our Total Carbon Whitener is loaded with 100% natural detoxifying ingredients to keep your mouth beautiful and healthy. Total Carbon Whitener not only naturally whitens and brightens your teeth, but it also polishes the enamel, detoxes the entire mouth as well as strengthens the enamel.

*Activated Charcoal can be extremely messy and may stain, so please use with caution, discard carefully and rinse thoroughly.

(Claims are NOT FDA approved)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Devin D.
Tooth Dirt is the Truth

I Love all products from Mother's Earth and will use them forever

Quanisha B.

Using this carbon whitener immediately whitened my teeth by my second use of it. That was me brushing my teeth night and day . Highly recommend it !

Kelli C.
Brighter Days

I was a big fan of the tooth dirt by itself and then I had a review come through my timeline for one of my friends about the carbon whitener and I always loved her smell teeth are beautiful she says that's what she uses my teeth went from coffee stain to beauty queen you get what I'm saying thank you mother we love you

Dominique H.
Life time user

I've been a user since 2016 and i still get the same quality in 2022!

We appreciate you so much!

Adam B.



How much of the Down to Earth Tooth Dirt and Dirt Rinse should I use?

As much or as little as it takes to achieve the freshness you desire.

“What is the shelf life of the Down to Earth Tooth Dirt and Dirt Rinse?”

If your jar of Down to Earth Dirt Rinse stays dry and tightly sealed it will stay fresh for up to 1 year. Unopened jars can last 2+ years. Down to Earth Dirt Rinse remains fresh for up to 30 days after opening and 60-90 days if unopened and kept in a cool dark place.

How often should I replace my Down to Earth Copper Tongue Scraper?

Your scrapers should be cleaned daily and sanitized weekly, however they only need to be replaced if they break or you desire to do so.