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Morning Glow Glycolic Facial Moisturizer

Morning Glow Glycolic Facial Moisturizer

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  • pH Balanced for All Skin Types
  • Nondrying with Zero Residue
  • Cream Based
  • Contains Glycolic Acid
  • Extremely Gentle for the Skin, But Tough on Breakouts
  • Brightening, Balancing, Moisturizing and Toning Properties
  • Free from Fragrances, Dyes, Paraben, Toxins, Cruelty to Animals, Gluten and Soy
  • Non-Greasy


Every ingredient in our Morning Glow Glycolic Facial Moisturizer has been carefully chosen to provide the maximum benefit to your skin with minimal adverse effects. Our ingredients work together to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin, not dry it out. We also use minimal preservatives and our Cream Based Moisturizer is Paraben-Free.


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Customer Reviews

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Ashley L.
Amazing products

Amazing products

Latori C.
Love it!

My skin was going through it’s peeling phase like it does every year and I started using the facial cleanser and moisturizer and I’m amazed with the evenness and softness of my face after using it for about 3 days! I will be ordering more. Great product!!!

Thank you so much for this. We’re happy we could help you and even more happy you love it :purple_heart:


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