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Down to Earth Electric Tooth Dirt

Down to Earth Electric Tooth Dirt

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30 Day Supply

Down To Earth Electric Tooth Dirt


  • Dr. Sebi Approved Ingredient List
  • 100% Electric Alkaline
  • Possess Antimicrobial, Astringent, Carminative, Expectorant, Anticatarrhal, Antiseptic and Vulnerary Properties
  • May Strengthen Teeth, Gums, and Enamel
  • May Reduce & Prevent Inflammation
  • May Reduce & Prevent Sensitivity
  • Great Earthy Taste
  • Great for All Ages, Even Teething Babies


Down to Earth Electric Tooth Dirt is a proprietary blend of herbs that cleanses the teeth, nourishes the gums and retards bad breath, decay and gum diseases. Our Electric tooth powder is 100% electric alkaline and our ingredients are straight from Dr. Sebi’s approval list of electric alkaline herbs. Our product is considered an active general stimulant in ulcerative, engorged, flabby and atonic conditions of the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. Down to Earth Electric Tooth Dirt leaves your teeth squeaky clean, mouth germ and bacteria free, gums happy and healthy and most importantly, breath unbelievably fresh for hours.

*Claims have not been approved by the FDA*

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How much of the Down to Earth Tooth Dirt and Dirt Rinse should I use?

As much or as little as it takes to achieve the freshness you desire.

“What is the shelf life of the Down to Earth Tooth Dirt and Dirt Rinse?”

If your jar of Down to Earth Dirt Rinse stays dry and tightly sealed it will stay fresh for up to 1 year. Unopened jars can last 2+ years. Down to Earth Dirt Rinse remains fresh for up to 30 days after opening and 60-90 days if unopened and kept in a cool dark place.

How often should I replace my Down to Earth Copper Tongue Scraper?

Your scrapers should be cleaned daily and sanitized weekly, however they only need to be replaced if they break or you desire to do so.