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Down to Earth Total Carbon Whitener

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Down to Earth Total Carbon Whitener

• 100% Vegan Friendly
• Premium Quality Ingredients
• Brighter & Whiter Smile, Naturally
• Deodorizes & Absorbs Toxins
• Removes & Prevents Staining
• No Harmful Chemicals
• Prevents & Treats Gingivitis
• 1-2 Month Supply, Depending on Frequency of Use

Our Total Carbon Whitener is loaded with 100% natural detoxifying ingredients to keep your mouth beautiful and healthy. Total Carbon Whitener not only naturally whitens and brightens your teeth, but it also polishes the enamel, detoxes the entire mouth as well as strengthens the enamel.

*Activated Charcoal can be extremely messy and may stain, so please use with caution, discard carefully and rinse thoroughly.

(Claims are NOT FDA approved)

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